Mattice Lake Outfitters
Fly-In Housekeeping Lodge
& Outpost Camps
Located in Armstrong Station, 250km North Of
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Fly-in housekeeping lodge located on a 50 acre island at the west end of the Ogoki Reservoir and 2 fly-in outpost camps, 1 on Short Lake and the second on Mojikit Lake. The outpost camps are on LUP’s and the lodge is on 23.2 acres of deeded land.

Included are moose shares in WMU’s 16C and 17. Tags for 2024 are 11 bulls and 38 cows.

We are located in Armstrong Station, 250 km north of Thunder Bay. The camps are located 45 to 54 miles north of our seaplane base.

The Lodge:

  • Located on a 50 acre island at the west end of the Ogoki Reservoir, less than 5 minutes by boat from Eight Flume Falls where the Ogoki River flows into the reservoir.
  • The Ogoki Reservoir is 35 miles long and covers 35,000 acres
  • The camp is on approximately 23 acres of deeded land
  • There are 5 guest cabins spread along the east and north side of the island with privacy for all
  • If all beds were full, the cabins can accommodate 36 guests
  • All cabins have full size electric refrigerators, propane ranges, automatic drip coffee makers, all furnishings, hot and cold running water, all pots, pans, dishes. etc.
  • All cabins have hot and cold running water.
  • There are 2 fish cleaning houses
  • The camp has 2 water towers
  • There 1 storage shed
  • There is a sauna building
  • The camp has 1 larger storage/shop building
  • There are 2 well maintained diesel generators to supply electricity to all buildings
  • In early September 2023 we completed the installation of an 18 kw solar system. After completion, the diesel generators became redundant, however, one is connected and will automatically come online in the event the battery levels get low. Battery storage utilizes eighty, 3 volt lithium batteries.
  • There is 1 staff cabin.
  • There are 3 large docks suitable for boats, loading and unloading aircraft, etc. One dock was new in 2023 and one in 2022.
  • The camp is equipped with 14 and 16 foot SSV Lund boats. Most are almost new 16 foot SSV Lunds
  • The camp will be equipped with 15 hp Yamaha 4-stroke outboard motors

This is one of the best bodies water in the area for viewing our abundant wildlife. Guest see moose, woodland caribou, black bears, timber wolves, osprey, bald eagles and more.
This body of water produces monstrous northern pike and extremely plentiful walleye.

Short Lake Outpost Camp:

  • The Short Lake camp is a single cabin location in an isolated arm of the Ogoki Reservoir
  • This camp is located on a Land Use Permit and licenced for 10 beds.
  • At this camp we have a 3 bedroom machined log cabin manufactured by Lake Country Log Homes in Salmon Arm, British Columbia before being shipped to us and flown into the site in pieces.
  • The cabin has electric lights, outlets in all rooms, full size electric refrigerator, separate electric freezer, automatic drip coffee maker, propane range, hand crafted pine furnishings, all pots, pans, etc, propane barbeque, propane hot water heater, wood stove for heat, deck for sitting out doors, hot and cold running water and shower.
    Electricity is supplied by a 10 kw solar system which has operated flawlessly since we installed it in 2021.
  • A new combination screened in fish cleaning house/solar control center/storage building was constructed 2021.
  • Short Lake is equipped with 5, 14 foot Lund Boats and 15 hp 4-stroke Yamaha outboard motors.

This camp offers guests total privacy and exceptional walleye and northern pike fishing.

Mojikit Lake Outpost Camp:

  • The Mojikit Lake camp is a single cabin location on Mojikit Lake.
  • This camp is located in a unique, naturally formed harbor on a Land Use Permit licenced for 10 beds. This is the only active Land Use Permit on the lake, however, we have a second Land Use Permit on the lake that is not currently in use and will go with the sale.
  • Mojikit Lake is a 15,000 acre lake and connected to the Ogoki Reservoir by a navigable channel.
  • At this camp we have a large, 2 bedroom frame cabin with all of the same appliances, furnishings and amenities as the Short Lake camp.
  • Like Short Lake, this cabin has electricity supplied by a solar system installed in 2021 as well as a new fish cleaning house constructed the same year.
  • The Mojitik Lake camp is equipped with 3, 16 foot Lund boats, 3, 14 foot Lund boats and 15 hp 4-stroke Yamaha motors.

This camp also offers guests privacy and exceptional walleye and northern pike fishing.

Moose Tags:

All of our moose shares in WMU’s 16C and 17 will be included with these camps. For 2024 we 11 bull tags and 38 cow tags


All camps are located approximately 50 miles north of the seaplane base in Armstrong Station, Ontario. To find us on a map, Armstrong is at the north end of Highway 527, 250 kilometers north of Thunder Bay in Ontario.

Reason for selling is owners are retiring.

PRICE: $995,000

Don Elliot
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Ogoki Reservoir Lodge

Short Lake Outpost Camp

Mojikit Lake Outpost Camp