3, 5 h North from Toronto, year round access
Winterized lodge + 12 housekeeping cabins

Happy Landing Lodge & Restaurant

After 13 years we are ready to pass our resort on to the next outdoor lovers who will enjoy living in the midst of nature, right on a beautiful lake (110 acres with 2000 feet of shoreline). For those who are happy to leave behind the city life and are not afraid of hard work, we offer these four seasons:

Spring ~ Time to prepare the resort for the tourist season.Plenty of work to do everywhere. A lot of cleaning, painting, minor renovations and repairs. Plenty of grass to mow and in the midst of all that, plenty of wood to be cut for the next winter and for the tourists (we have oil heating, however, we still use a fireplace for ambiance and to save on oil costs).

Summer ~ The campers have arrived and need to be looked after. They require a good deal of patience and good customer service skills. Yes they can be demanding but if their expectations are met they will leave enough money for us to get through to the next season. An annual picnic organized by the local Trout Lake residents association at our resort is the peak of the season. The season winds down from there.

Fall ~ There is nothing more beautiful in our region then fall. Indescribable colors, a lot less work and the free time to head out to the movies (Sudbury is 50 minutes away) or go mushroom picking in the forest. Fishing is only a hundred feet from our front steps… just walk out and start casting. There are also two golf courses within a ten-minute car ride. Thanksgiving weekend finishes off the season with a big dinner for guests, family and friends.

Winter ~ The first ten years we spent the winter here. Pristine white snow, snowmobiling, ice fishing and time for relaxation with a good book. For the last three years, we have shut the lodge down and headed south to Florida. With age, we have developed a desire for sunshine, warmth and time to spend with our grandson.

So, sell your home and buy Happy Landing Lodge without a mortgage. This business will sustain you without a problem. Don’t count on big money, count on an 180-degree lifestyle change. Count on an adventure and a lot of work during the short season, especially if you decide (the way we have) to run the restaurant ourselves. The restaurant is not a huge source of income, however, the tax write-offs associated are very worthwhile. For example, 75% of the costs associated with our vehicle can be written off. The same goes for the landline, cell, hydro and internet at 95%, property tax and insurance 85% and others.

My advice is to buy either a small or a large business of this type. If you buy a medium sized Lodge, you will need to hire 4-5 people to run such an enterprise and the wages will cost you most of your profit. Our resort is run by two persons full-time (ourselves) as well as two part-time employees in the tourist season. So, give it some thought. Do you want to live and work surrounded by the pristine beauty of the French River? If you answered YES and have $ 849 000 then give us a call and we will set up a meeting. We are selling the resort privately, however, agents are most welcome (especially if they have serious buyers who know what they want). We offer a life in the forest, far away from the noise and congestion of the city. If this sounds like something you are searching for, your search may well be over.

PRICE: $899,000

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Happy Landing Lodge

Wanda & Wlodek Kasprzycki
120 Happy Landing Road
P.O BOX 1335
Noelville, ON P0M 2N0
Ontario, Canada
Tel/fax: 705 898 2994

Happy Landing Lodge

120 Happy Landing Rd, Noëlville, ON P0M 2N0, Canada