Fly-In Fishing Resort & Two Outpost Cabins
Located On Latreille Lake
Northeast of Ear Falls, ON

Fly-In Fishing Resort & Two Outpost Cabins Located in Northwestern Ontario

Fly-In Fishing Resort With Two Outpost Cabins For Sale
Four Lakes To Fish – Includes Two Bear Management Areas – And Six Moose Tags

Latreille Lake Lodge & Outposts

Located in Northwestern Ontario. The lodge is located on a deeded five acres, on the shore of Latreille Lake which is 54 miles northeast of Ear Falls and 65 miles east of Red Lake. The two outpost cabins are located on Margaret Lake and Allison Lake. They are all accessible from the lodge.These three facilities will be sold together and will not be split up.

The lodge has ten double occupancy bedrooms and four fully equipped bathrooms. The lodge runs on an inverter system consisting of generators, solar power and batteries. Water comes from a well and heat is provided by wood burning stoves. Constant improvements have been made over the years. The majority of our business is repeat business with new guests visiting as well.

Located behind the lodge is a private cabin that has four double occupancy bedrooms and one fully equipped bathroom.

Located between the lodge and private cabin is a tool shed. The front side of the tool shed houses multiple tools and parts. The back two-thirds of the building has been used for storage but could easily be converted into a cabin.

Located close to the water by the docks is a screened-in fish cleaning station. The dock used by guests is quite large and will accommodate at least twelve boats. The smaller dock is used primarily for the owners and will house three boats.

Up the hill from the lodge is a 14′ deep cellar to keep items from freezing during the winter months and a generator building which contains one new 10KW diesel generator, one used 12KW generator and one used 7.5KW generator. All are in running condition.

Both Outposts are LUP’s and will accommodate ten guests each. They both have hot and cold running water and are run on generators. They are equipped with electric refrigerators and gas stoves. There are screened-in fish cleaning houses on each and floating docks.

This sale is for the entire operation which includes the land, LUP’s, BMA’s, Moose Tag Shares, Buildings, Boats, Motors and all improvements as well as our guest list.

Asking $1,095,000.00 CDN


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Title Address Description
Latreille Lake Lodge & Outposts
Latreille Lake, Kenora, Unorganized, ON P0V, Canada

Asking $875,000.00 CDN
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